Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Turning 4 Wednseday show and tell

This is the last Sunday before she turned 4. How time goes when your busy taking care of business. Can't really tell but you could probably see the scare from my surgery on my ankle. I sometimes wonder when will I be able to walk or run without all the pain. I mean I can barely walk without the swelling up later. That is why I am so glad that with all the stress of limited mobility I have hope and faith that Jesus is healing me inside and out.
It's funny I had a talk with my family and they have made it clear that I have not been myself since the injury. My O says that "mad mommy is not fun!" I almost cried but it was very eye opening because I've alway been passive aggressive. Which is something I'm still learning to improve from. So my goal for now is to do my best to be "fun mommy!" I wonder if anyone goes thru the same changes like I do. Well until then live well, love much, and learn to be Happy. ☺