Thursday, September 27, 2012

Praising at all times

Got a boot yesterday that feels like I'm caring a child wrapped around my foot. Have you ever done that when you were younger or let your little one do it to you. I remember how my nieces would giggle themselves silly their dad drag them around the living room. Too funny and so cute!

So while at the doctor's office it's always good to have a lunch sack ready for your little one. Lets be real, you know your going to be there longer then expected. There is nothing worse then having a hungry child at a busy doctor's office. So here are some of the must-haves for you.

First you want to have water & juice on hand. Secondly you should have some kind of banana, strawberry, blueberry, orange... you know! This will substitute the sweet tooth or crave. Additional you could make a granola bar fill with fruits that they like and maybe add some dark chocolate chips, which would also be very yummy! Here's a great chocolate energy bar recipe from, that would be filling and saticfing.  The advantage to making your own granola bar, you control the sodium and all the ingredients that go into it. Unlike GMO that is not labeled on the foods we buy. The truth about genetically modified corn and how anti life it is!

Yogurt is also a very delicious snack you can pack for you visit. What is great about this you can pack the same for yourself. Let's not forget an essential thing to have on hand, an activity book to keep them busy. Hope this helps keep you and your little one's visit to the doctor's office pain-free. God is good and always live, love, & learn!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Love neon colors

Since today is the last day before Fall I thought it would be fun to show a little summer project that I made. I accidentally came across the twines in the plumbing store when I was looking for super glue. They were very inexpensive, a little over $2, and you get 75 yards in each roll. Sad to see summer go, I love the sun! Yet very excited for all the changes of fall colors. As always live, love, & never stop learning.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mocha chocolate macaroon, brownies, & cupcake

I love chocolate desserts everything. There's just something about the smell of cocoa that makes my taste buds jump with excitement. My father used to tell me that I would break out because he loved it just as much and I was going to experience the same. But of course, I just could not help it.

But here is a treat that you will not worry about gaining or any unexpected breakouts. I made these little bakery cupcakes for my Lil Nah-nah and I thought it would look great as a set. So I made this charm bracelet for another chocolate lover, lil sis. Using oven baked clay & reusing an old broken necklace that I received some Christmas ago, I ended up with this. I think it came out delicious!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Mommy has an Owie!

It's been sometime now since the last post. I've been dealing with an old injury. If you've been in any kind of physical pain, then you can imagine how grumpy & frustrating it is. Not a happy camper.
Even with the aches & pain, I can't complain to much, my little girl has been such a big helper. Sometime I can't believe how much she has grown. (I mean she's past my elbow at three years old.) I sometimes hold her as if she was still a baby... Cant help loving her. Mamas Big/tall baby. Hehehe!

Well, with that being said I thought that I would share a pain relieving food that you or someone you know might appreciate. It has been long used by other cultures to heal aches and pain. The name of this plant is called a ginger root.

Ginger root was one thing that I remember being used in my family to sooth stomach aches. Did you know that this root is also known to be used as a painkiller, reduce inflammation, help motion sickness, morning sickness, relive migraine, cancer prevention, cancer treatment, and preventing cold or flu.

Now just like everything there are side effects to consuming too much ginger, for those who take blood thiner medication, it may be best to consult you doctor. Everything in moderation is always the best.

So go ahead add a little spice of ginger to your stir fry or for the winter season try a ginger tea. Here's a tea recipe that is simple to make.

•Boil 2 cup water with 1-11/2 teaspoon grated fresh ginger.
•After It's been boiling for about 10 to 13 minutes strain into your tea cup and add honey for a sweetener.
•(optional) You can add cinnamon for more flavor or add more boiling water if the spice is to strong for you.

There you have it! Do you have any recipes you would like to share? Comment below and let me know.

As always live, love, & keep learning.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

French Macaroon Felt Toys

If you like making homemade things or have a hard time at DIY projects then this is the tutorial for you. With the trend of French Macaroon popping up everywhere on the Internet here's a delicious felt toy that will have your little ones asking for more.
I found this on pinterest and thought I would share it with you. has a great tutorial of this french macaroons in lots of beautiful colors. While your there check out the other fun patterns that would be a great addition to your child's play time.
You could gift this for a birthday boy or birthday girl. Maybe your not that confident in your sewing skills, don't worry. Take your time and make this as a fabulous christmas project. Either way you do it, just have fun & enjoy. As alway live, love, and learn. Have a blessed day!

Friday, September 7, 2012

ABC Bible Verse Flash cards

I've been trying to work on my baby's reading skills. While I was looking through my email I came across this great Bible verse flash card on

It reminded me of when I would study my Bible verse for White Sunday (a day set aside to celebrate youth... I hope I describes it right!!) it's like Easter Sunday with children's bible reading. But more pampered towards the youth, in your best white attire, of course.

When I think about those early Sunday mornings... how sweet the air was with peach or pineapple meringue pies & spice cake, mixed with the rich smell of coconut milk. Ummmm... Let's not forget the breakfast and hot cocoa. Mom & Dad made sure to make it a extra special day!! (Love my parents)

Okay, back to the topic, these printable Bible verse flash cards are a great addition to your child's learning routine. What family traditions are you passing to your little one? Drop me a comment I would love to hear from you. Until then live, love, and learn! Have a blessed week!!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Stairway pop card for Grandma!!

Hope your enjoying your labor day holiday. Getting ready to send out a box for my sis and nieces. (a be-lated birthday present) In addition to it all, I made a little card for mom/(oriannah's) grandma. Since I've been working on dollhouses, I just couldn't help but to make this step card that i seen on YouTube from Diane Gibbs. It was fairly easy and very fun to make. My daughter suggested the rainbow, so I made it into a picket fence. It was from a old birthday hat I got from the thrift store. What do you think?

I have all these little scenes in my head that would be great using the same staircase card in. My 3 years old niece is into collecting horses now, maybe have a horse stable or a field of horses. What ever you can imagine really.
You could make a gingerbread house staircase step card, which would be great for christmas. There is also a barn with little barn animals that would work great for the staircase card. It would be great for a baby's birthday invitation or baby shower.
Hope your enjoying the end of this summer season! Live, love, & learn!!