Thursday, September 27, 2012

Praising at all times

Got a boot yesterday that feels like I'm caring a child wrapped around my foot. Have you ever done that when you were younger or let your little one do it to you. I remember how my nieces would giggle themselves silly their dad drag them around the living room. Too funny and so cute!

So while at the doctor's office it's always good to have a lunch sack ready for your little one. Lets be real, you know your going to be there longer then expected. There is nothing worse then having a hungry child at a busy doctor's office. So here are some of the must-haves for you.

First you want to have water & juice on hand. Secondly you should have some kind of banana, strawberry, blueberry, orange... you know! This will substitute the sweet tooth or crave. Additional you could make a granola bar fill with fruits that they like and maybe add some dark chocolate chips, which would also be very yummy! Here's a great chocolate energy bar recipe from, that would be filling and saticfing.  The advantage to making your own granola bar, you control the sodium and all the ingredients that go into it. Unlike GMO that is not labeled on the foods we buy. The truth about genetically modified corn and how anti life it is!

Yogurt is also a very delicious snack you can pack for you visit. What is great about this you can pack the same for yourself. Let's not forget an essential thing to have on hand, an activity book to keep them busy. Hope this helps keep you and your little one's visit to the doctor's office pain-free. God is good and always live, love, & learn!

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