Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Store Front Awning Card

Great day out! Wanted to grab ingridents for a new project that we, My daughter & I, are working on. Then of course stop by the playground.
Since this is my first post I figured I would start with a do-it-yourself. Luckly I started on one, but without further waiting here it is.
A store front card or awning, I found it on video from Diane Gibbs.
The supplies were from a copier & fax store... Which was very inexpensive. Can you say 5 cent per paper. Love a deal!! 

  • You can shape the individual lines for the awning with a popcicle stick and cut them out and glued it down on another paper.   
  • Bottom counter just cut then decorate with your desired cakes, candy, ice cream, toys, flowers, fruit, or a cafe. You could use stickers or draw with color markers. Just have fun using anything for you store front awning card. 

Make it all your own. I'll show you the end results on my next post! Until then live, love, & learn!!

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