Monday, August 27, 2012

Drumming on a drum

Living on the island has given me an appreciation for nature and the beauty of vibrant colors in flowers & fruits. So reusing or recycling is my little way of trying to give back to the earth, as well as keeping it away from the landfill of course. What can I say When God makes something he does it beautifully!

My daughter has been drumming on her story books and inventing other instrument for sound. (She is so amazing to watch.) So when our oatmeal finished I thought this would be a great base for a DIY drum. Boy oh boy!!! Someone was so excited.

We used a grocery paper bag, that she colored on and some ribbon, from last Christmas. To adhere the paper I used a glue stick and hot glue the ribbon to the drum. Make sure to measure the ribbon so that your drum hangs in front of the belly.

Now we didn't stop there. Being the little created that she is, when she grabbed a plastic bag and was shaking it as if to edge me to make something with it. It gave me an idea to make a music shaker that I seen in a children's program a while back.

I used an old reusable water container that I've kept for over 6 months now because it craked. I can't seem to throw anything away. Does that make me a hoarder, Semi-hoarder... Hehehe!

Okay lastly to make the diy music shaker, I just added a teaspoon of grain rice and we're done. You could also use easter eggs which are also fun to use. So have fun create something with your little one!!

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