Friday, March 22, 2013

Nachos with ground turkey Family, Food, & Fun

Ground turkey with potatoes, beans, and heart shape nacho chips. Who said cookie cutters where only for cookies! O got a Easy Bake kit from Ross a few weeks ago that came with small cookie cutter shapes, molds, stencils, and more fun stuff. The only thing about it is that it comes with cookie mixes that was a little questionable. Plus it didn't say if it was organic or not. Since I've been on this change for better quality foods I just wasn't comfortable letting her eat food that wasn't organic!

Instead we used the cookie cutter to make fun shape nachos. Don't you just adore heart shape! Well, I do and so does O. Not only are they cute but they taste waaayyyy better then the store bout ones.

Of course we got out to enjoy Spring. Hope your enjoying Spring this Friday. Until next time live, love, and keep learning:)

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