Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wenseday Show and Tell Heart Day

Well tomorrow is Valentine's Day or as my O would say, Happy I love you day. I'm not really big on V-day, meaning I don't take it to seriously. Why wait for a date to tell someone how much you care for them. It should be something you do everyday but I do admit it is nice seeing all the little festive decorations in the stores and the fun little cards that kids get from school. Especially all the pink and red heart shape candies.

Since it's Wenseday Show and Tell, I thought it would be great to use our new years party hat that O and I made. You know to play up the "Happy I love you day!" Plus it's in hot pink and what's more valentine like, then HOT pink. Besides, I love the color HOT pink. These hats were made with tissue paper and computer paper! How simple and should I say, cute!

Now if you are looking to make it more special why not try a simple breakfast with, our favorite fruit, STRAWBERRIES. When I was pregnant I would eat strawberries by the case. Some say that is why O has a birth mark shaped like a strawberry. I guess it is better then having a cinnamon roll shape birth mark, but I didn't eat to much of those. Hehehe! Which makes me wonder about all the other strange things that other pregnant women maybe craving for like pickles with peanut butter. Did you or someone you know go through that kind of creative faze?

What says I love you than a healthy meal with heart shape strawberry. My O loved them and kept asking for more, of course.  

happy i HEART you day!
As always live love and learn

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