Thursday, February 28, 2013

Out of weather

Happy Thursday! Hope your have a better one then I am. I've been feeling a little ill all week. Is it crazy or is it just my luck, I get better now my little one starting to have a runny nose. Still not sure if it's her allergies acting up or because the change of weather. Loving the warm weather here right now! What ever it may be I'm going to be adding some needed vitamin C for our berry drink, to help my toddler.

Here is a recap of my, going on to two, miss in action week. Last week Big brother had a school basketball game. Thought it would be good to support him and since we haven't in months now. It was fun and O had a great time with her cousin. We also got to see the Chinese New Year parade.

Then of course, trying to make every trip count, we visited a new park. I don't remember the name of the park but the view is beautiful.

 As always stay happy, laugh till you cry, love unconditionally, and keep learning. Have a blessed week!

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