Saturday, October 27, 2012

Family Food Friday

When I think of family I think of holiday get togethers, Sunday feasts, special occassion with potlucks, & any reason to eat together. Family is what you may agree is the bases of why we do certain things or the motivation of our accomplishments.

Fridays are the end of school week and you need a fast dinner plan, at least that's what I would want. What is better than a "Pizza Party!" (Insert Smile)
Okay, so you don't need to put up decorations or any party signs, but a little preparation will be in order. Then again why don't  you make it a Friday Pizza party for the family movie night. We always find ourselves around food and family, why not make it a pizza night. The 3 "F" words, Family, Food, & Friday!

Here is a recipe that will be easy and kid friendly. First one is used with English muffin, your favorite tomato sauce, diced sausage or pepperoni, & mozzarella cheese to top it off. Make sure to cut up some vegtables that are bite size for the little ones. Toast it in the oven and your done. Individual mini pizza that are fun and delicious. Or you can try this that is cooked in cupcake pans. 

Well I hope however you spend you Friday that it is with people you love and that you enjoy being with. As always live, love, & learn! Have a blessed day or night:)

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