Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wednesday show & tell

I figured since I've been recycling cardboard I would show you a recent project. I was looking for a quick option to dollhouse furniture. I used soap boxes for legs for a chair and used a medium size boxes for tables. I don't remember where I got the idea for the chair but the rounded design was inspired from a wing chairs. I made a table out of a small medium size popcorn snack box & popsicle sticks for legs, now that was my original idea. But your free to put a small cloth for a table cloth or spay paint a more uniform look. O ecstatically played with these easy recycled cardboard dollhouse furniture. Tip: to reenforce the legs hot glue toothpicks or coffee stirs to size and brace them to the legs of the cardboard chair.

With election in a few weeks away I hope you will take advantage of the mail in ballot. It will exclude you out of standing in line so you'll have additional time with your family or yourself. Remember to vote Live, love, & keep learning.

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