Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Wensday show & tell homemade mittens

Feeling the chill of the Autumn breeze will defiantly give you a reason to bundle up. That is exactly what I'm going to do.

So I've been looking around for some warm gloves for O & found out that the ones she had was missing a pair. Now what am I going to do. Well growing up I alway try to be resourceful and work with what I have. ( that's probably why I have a tendency to save everything...)

Okay, I've been meaning to make her a pair of mittens. I remembered that I read a book that showed how to make a pair of recycled mittens. The book is called Gorgeously Green, I borrowed it from the library. You should check out all the organic beauty tip, home remedies, and recycled projects. Love everything in that book!!

If I can up cycle some of my old clothes and save money, why not. I had an old sweater that I used for making O a pair of leg warmers, which I made last winter. Why not use the left over for a DIY mittens. So since I've been putting this project aside for a while, I guess now is better then never.

This is such a simple project all you need is a pair if scissors, warm stretch material, a hand pattern, and your sewing kit. Now you could place your hand down on your sweater & trace around it. Just be sure to leave about a half an inch around your hand so that you don't sew it to small. (I learned that the hard way... Hehehe!) Then all you do, to finish your do it yourself mittens, is to line it up good side to good side and sew around the outside. Flip you mittens right side out and your done! Hope you will give it a try and save some money.

Last but not least a big Congratulation to the "San Francisco Giant" for sweeping up the World Series Championship!!
Go Giant!!!

Live, love, & keep learning:0)

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