Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Night lights & student loans.

Got out the house for a few hours. Needed some fresh "city air"... (cough!! Lol) no but really, I had a good time out. We ended our night at the Hyatt. My baby love the lights and rocket-looking elevators.
It beats sitting on the bed or couch all day. I've been busy with keeping track of my school loans. While looking around I came across this great site it has lots of great information on how to manage your loans to what to do if your in a hot seat with your finances.

I'm telling you I wish I knew about this site when I first got out of school. Like did you know that they have several programs that you can apply for to cancel out your debt. So if you or someone you know is in or thinking of attending college then do them a favor and refer them to this site.

Okay got to go have some ice cream for a late dessert:) As always live, love, and keep learning.

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