Friday, January 11, 2013

Family fun and food # 5

Happy Friday everyone! Today is our Family, Fun, & Food post. I've made this dish many times for dinner and each time my Lil O easily eats up all her dinner & not just the skin of the meat. Hahaha... I use to do the same thing when i was younger. "She gets it from her mama."

Here is our dinner in a fun little bento box, O got it for Christmas. I found this bento box at my local China Town shop for less then two dollars. A great deal if you ask me.

We made soy baked chicken, mash potatoes, mix veggies, fresh carrots, which is how she likes them, and orange juice. If you want to precook your food the night before then just make sure to warm it up before serving. But you already know that. For more bento box ideas click Here.

After I made some popcorn with cinnamon and powder sugar, which is good for the winter flu. You should try it delicious and very nutritious for you. I've been wanting to try my hand on caramel popcorn but it calls for a candy thermometer, which I don't have. Wish there was a way to make it with out the need for the thermometer. :(

Here is my recipe for the baked soy chicken.
1 pound   3 pounds of chicken
• salt and pepper for seasoning
• 1 cup soy sauce
3/4 1 3/4 cups water
• teaspoon sugar
tablespoon teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
• optional 3 tablespoon ketchup and pinch of cayenne pepper

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