Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tuesday Roots with Guava

Today we will be looking at, one of my favorite fruit, the guava. It is said to originate from South America but when I was growing up I figured it always was part of the Pacific region. I loved picking them off the tree for an after school snack. It's sweet and fresh taste is the best way to eat them. Although if I waited to long or to late to pick them, a bird would get to it before I would. Now I wasn't the only one eating them, the early bird would get it before me. Hahaha... then I tried to pick them early and was very disappointed because it was still raw. So I did like anyone else would do, got up early or just learn to share it with nature. To tell you the truth I haven't succeeded at being a early bird. ;0)

Guava contains vitamin C and potassium. Why is this important to know. Well vitamin C is very helpful to strengthen your child's immune system. Guava can be eaten to help with children's chicken pox and fights disease-causing free radicals. Now the first symptom of chicken pox is usually a fever with an often headache. Little blisters will later begin to appear, starting on the chest and back, until it covers the whole body. During the phase each and every spot can be extremely itchy. If this happens to your child then be sure to have foods rich in beta-carotene, and vitamin C, which will heal the skin tissue . Food that are brightly colored, like broccoli, cantaloupe melon, green leafy vegetable, mango, and oranges, will help with your child's chicken pox. A tip for those hard to reach throat pains, you can juice the guava fruit then freeze it in a ice pop mold and serve to your child when needed. 

Now the guava also contains potassium which is great for a energy boost and strength boost. Other foods that contain potassium are avocado, raisin, spinach, banana, blackberry, molasses, and nuts, just to name a few. If your child has a ear infection or the cold supply them with a guava. What is an ear infection and how do I know if my child has it? An ear infection or earache is caused by a build up of fluid pushing against the ear drum. Babies show signs of this when they becomes distressed and pulls at the ear causing the skin to turns red. This is because the Eustachian tube, which links the ear with the nose and throat is more horizontal than it is in older children. If your child has chronic ear infections it can lead to permanent hearing damage. For this reason you should always seek out medical advice to prevent partial deafness in your child.

Did you know that this also helps to maintain your child's healthy skin, protects their vision, and help to maintain or support a healthy heart. The guava is anti carcinogenic which means it can prevent the production of cancer in living cells.

Well I hope that helped you... and as always Live, Love, and keep Learning.

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