Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tuesday Roots Breadfruit

Yesterday may have been a long weekend for some because first it was Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday. Which was such a beautiful combination with the inauguration for President Obama and Vic President Biden's second term in office.

As I watched the ceremony for the President I was taken back to when they were first elected into office. How exciting it was to see a colored man take office and how important it was to witness, as well as the whole world watching, this change in United States of America's history. Although it was just as important to witness the second time being elected I was not as hyped up as before, but more of a relief or should I say feeling of expectancy.

Well how ever you voted, there is one thing that we should all take into account, that we want a better tomorrow. So with that being said I ask that we unite in prayer for these officials and the decisions be made with a fear of God.

Being raised in the pacific It was important for the family to pray and start every event in prayer. There is a saying in my culture, "Samoa for God and God for Samoa." To me it was that union with the creator and giving everyone, young or old, that same love and respect we desire for ourselves.

Okay, lets get into the topic of the day, breadfruit. Breadfruit is very much abundant where we lived. I mean they would fall so often you couldn't help stepping on or over some that splattered on the ground. My dad, uncles and aunts always told the story of my grandfather regularly instructing that all of the first fruits of the land, the most plumped, be gifted to the pastor or minister. I believe it was his offering for blessing and tithe to the church. Well which ever it was, we had a lot of it around our house.

Breadfruit is a defined as a species of flowering tree in the mulberry family, Moraceae, growing throughout Southeast Asia and most Pacific Ocean islands.

It contains vitamin C which is known to be anti-allergenic, antibacterial, anticarcinogenic, antiviral, and improves wound healing. It also contains potassium which is great to regulate the heart rate and blood pressure. As well rich in vitamin B, those in thiamin, pyridoxine, and niacin. All that are important for the growth and development of the metabolism.

This fruit when it is baked, which is one of my favorite ways of consumption, has a bread-like taste. Which is probably how it got it's name. Now another traditional was of eating the breadfruit is to cook it in boiling water. Then draining the water and then heating it in coconut milk and a bit if salt. It just brings me back to those Sunday mornings when the air would be filled with aromas of freshly baked "umu."
Umu is like an out side oven-like method of cooking numbers of starch food (breadfruit, green banana, taro, etc) or meat. A "Yummy" combinations of coconut milk made them irresistible. Oh my goodness... it just makes everything so darn good. One of my favorite dishes, the pilikaki, which is coconut milk baked with fish and onions. I've got to make some soon, stay tune that will be in another post. But if you want to know more about coconut milk I also have a post on the many benefits of coconut milk.

Well as always live, love, and keep learning.

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