Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wednseday Show and tell DIY dollhouse gift

Glad you are able to stop by today. I made a couple of handmade doll house books for my niece. Now the one that is more of a castle look was inspired by my big helper O. She suggested all the little hearts and placing them at the top. Over all I was pleasantly surprise how it came out. At first I was really stuck on what to do after I had assembled the door. She is really my secret weapon of ideas. It's very refreshing really and ingenious in a way. Where else can you get such inspirational ideas with out looking on pinterest or gfoogle serach. Hehehe!

All in all it came out fabulous. I used recycled cardboard boxes, construction paper, color foam boards, markers, and some printouts of dollhouse wall paper. Oh and some pictures for a magazines and a old baby receiving blankets for O's baby box. Hope you had a great holiday live, love, and learn. :)

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