Friday, November 16, 2012

Been busy cleaning

I wanted to post today's three "F" words (Family fun & food). But I was to busy with other mommy things. Although if I were living in New Zealand & Samoa today would be Saturday.
Which would make it two days late...humm!!! That didn't sound any better... Hahaha!!!
Good thing... It just my little blog:0)

Well, I've been busy cleaning & organizing... (been slacking @!... Jus saying!) We had the carpet cleaned, but it's such an old carpet that the Stanley Steamer guy said it was to loose & the hose would lift it off the ground.
It's clean & ready for traffic. But I'm not complaining, I wouldn't want to do it by hand. Which I have tried before.
Yeah right! I didn't do the whole house, it was only a spot that some syrup spilled on.
I like clean but get, Ahhhh... "Lazy" sometimes!! (Don't we all?)

Well the carpet is still wet. So now Me and O seating here watching Anastasia, the cartoon version of the Russian Princess, & eating fried-rice for dinner.

Oh and a gingerbread house from last years craft project. It's gotten a little beating through out the year. I couldn't find that picture with O standing with it and the tree in the background. It was very cute! The little gingerbread houses were grouped in three. (a trick from a designer name "Nate" ... One of my obsession.)

This year I'm thinking of working on a Nativity theme! Put back the CHRIST back into the Christmas! Oh and while we're at this subject... Please pray for the Nation of Jerusalem of the alert of rockets and possible war.
God keep them safe and protection on them in this time as well as everywhere.

What holiday craft have you made Or what craft would like to see again from your youth? Never tried the popcorn garland... Maybe O & I could try it out this year.

I remember when I was younger, our holidays were opening gifts we wrapped ourselves...which kind of took the excitement out of opening the present. Hehehe! I love my mom, she made sure it was what you wanted before the wrapping! Hehehe! What childhood memory sticks out as awkward? Tell me in a comment below.

Rainy night tonight...
As always live, love, & keep learning.

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