Sunday, November 4, 2012

He who is able to move mountains

Well hope your enjoying your weekend. It's Sunday, the beginning of the week what a beautiful day it is. I just wanted to encourage anyone who maybe struggling with finances, illness or you maybe have a love one who is dealing with life's unexpected challenges. Don't feel down life is not alway going feel like its kicking you in the butt. For a while I was feeling down and voice out my disappoint. Just didn't feel like doing anything or much less have anyone see me this way.

But I thank God for blessing me & my family everyday. If you have kids then you understand when I say that children are a gift from God.

My O is the smile on my face & she lights up my day! I might be ready to give up but when she smiles I can't help but to smile back. It always seems to get me going in the morning. So don't underestimate love even if it comes in Lil packages of love, my O!

She has this book from, a very known author/cartoon show, called "The Berenstain Bears." I always liked it because it teaches about ethics, values, life lessons, and friendships. Well I remember in " The Berenstain Bears and A Job Well Done", one of her reading books, it had a scripture about how God made everyday and all its tasks of that day. "what ever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might."-Ecclesiastes 9:10.

So we should do our best at what ever chores, work, or challenges we face. With love in our hearts give a smile to someone, they might need that reminder that it going to be alright. Or even better show someone with a kind act of love. I know that the election is coming up in two more days & then soon Thanksgiving. But we dont need fancy balloons or a big turkey to be hyped up for a day. Let today be a day to be thankful and make a change starting from me, starting from you.

Well, I have dinner on and I don't want to stretch this to long. As always LIVE life to the best, LOVE one another, and LEARN!! Happy one-hour-behind Sunday:0)

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