Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tuesday Roots: Ylang Ylang oil

Tuesday Roots is about sharing the basic resources of my native pacific roots. I shared about coconut milk and coconut oil minus the infusion of ylang ylang oil. Today I thought we could touch more on the subject of the ylang flowers and it's many uses.

Now, I looked into the benefits of this flower, ylang ylang or "what i alwayed know it as" Moso'oi, And this is what I found out. It is the Canaga Odorata also better known as a perfume tree in which this beautiful exotic flower comes from. It has pink or yellowish-greenish blossoms that are found mainly in Aisa Pacific. Know for it's tropically sweet aroma, the ylang ylang is best picked early in the morning for the highest potent extraction. ("Early Bird gets the worm... Or in this case gets best grade!")

It is referred as the poor man's jasmine because of its similarities in smell. Dont let the amazing healing and calming properties fool you.  This essential oil is used in various beauty products and aromatherapy. It is said to have a calming effect and can reduces high blood pressure. Be aware... Be Aware this essential oil should always be used sparingly and with your doctor's consent. People with low blood pressure should avoid this flower or the use of it's oils. For more information click here. 

7 Uses of the ylang ylang oil
  1. Lower blood pressure
  2. Anti-depression 
  3. Relieves stress, calming mood.
  4. Used for headaches or migraine
  5. Help with motion sickness. 
  6. Good for oily skin and gets rid of acne
  7. Said to stimulate growth and thicker shiner hair

Here is a traditional flower lei sewen with Ylang Ylang aka Moso'oi flower.

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