Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tuesday Roots with Papaya

Well, hope all was well with your Thanksgiving weekend. We spent some time at gazing at all the small miniature homes/village. O's dad thought it would be great way to spent the evening before thanksgiving day. We loved all the little people, lights, cars, boats, shops... The toy shops had little toys dancing with music. So, so cute!! Okay well enough about me let get to the subject at hand, papaya that is.

It's Tuesday Roots and today we will be looking at the juicy oh so yummy papaya. I remember eating papaya, while its still a little firm, with coconut because I was told it was good for your teeth. Although I liked the firmness and crunch of the papaya. To tell you the truth, I like eating papaya when it's ripe and sweet.

Memories of these sweet papaya trees grew wild around our house. Typically they would be falling of the trees like crazy which attracted lots of insects and small birds. Not to mention it's routine smell after a day or two.

Here are some wonderful health benefits of papaya. The papaya is an antioxidant powerhouse packed with immune boosting vitamin & phytonutrients. A great neutralizer to fight potentially harmful free radicals.

Did you know that it helps get rid of mucus from the body that helps to relieve coughs & colds. Which is great to know especially during this time of season. So if your feeling a little feverish your doctor would probably say something like, "take 2 of these and call me in the morning"... organic of course!!

Papaya contains beta-carotene, vitamins C and E. It's brightly-colored fruit helps to protect the skin and the lining of the intestine, lungs, nose, and throat. If that is not enough reason to eat a papaya then think of it's power to aid wounds and heal them. It protects your skin, helps circulation... So if your limited mobility then eat some papaya. Great brain food as well as helps hormones against pollution.

So for the winter cold and cough, instead of just your regular cough medicine, have a papaya. Make yourself or your family some recipes with papaya to kick winter cold in the you know where. But if you don't have that problem then use it in your beauty routine to heal, protect, and keep your skin looking radiant!

Okay until next time love much, learn more, and live life to the fullest health:)

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