Thursday, November 29, 2012

DIY wreath for Christmas

It's two more day until December starts and then Christmas will be here. Now if you've been shopping then you would of notice that Christmas decorations have been since around Halloween. Funny, when I worked retail I always knew what season or holiday was coming because the shipments and window decor would start a month in advance.

That is probably why This time last year out tree would have been up before Black Friday and the kitchen cluttered with crafting projects. Yes I'm a mess when it comes to art... Sounds less caiodic doesn't it! Hehehe!

Well I've seen so many colorful wreaths and wanted to make one out of recycled materials. (Which is my favorite way to do all, resourceful, crafting projects. On top of that it's great for the environmentally friendly and not to mention easy on the pockets. (wink, wink!) :0)

Okay so I've seen so many paper roll projects online it inspired me to make a Christmas theme wreath. This do-it-yourself recycled wreath was is so simple and easy. All you'll need is a couple of materials and you've got a charming homemade wreath. Also great to do with the kids.

The materials you'll need are:
•a pair of siccors
•pencil for marking
•ruler for a straight line(s)
•several paper towel rolls
•a glue gun
•lots of glue sticks
•accrylic paint
•a small spong brush to paint with
•something to protect you surface like newspaper
Optional red tissue paper for a little tropical feel. Which kind of looks like one of those red flower plants used around this time. Can't think of the name right now.

1. Take your roll and flatten it evenly
2. Place you ruler down and measure every 2 inches on your roll and mark a line going vertical with your pencil.
3. Cut at the mark and then reserve
4. Next layout your work surface with newspaper or an old sheet. Trust me you will get paint all over the table.
5. Gather your rolls, open them up a bite, and paint them with a red crimson color or a close color to it. Be sure to get the insides of your rolls and re-touch any areas as needed.
6. Let it dry and then arrange them in a wreath form. I used a small or medium plate to form my circle.
7. Glue your pieces together and add any additional decorations or ribbons.

There you have a easy affordable recycled DIY Christmas wreath. Check out these other wreaths made with recycled materials. As always live, love, and keep learning.

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