Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Wednesday show and tell

So I woke up and was very disappointed of the fact that Prop 37 of labeling GMO foods, was not pass in yesterdays election. I am glad though in another way because if it wasn't for all the informative emails on Prop 37 I would still be horribly blinded by all toxic foods my family and I were eating. That is why it is my mission now to cook and eat real foods. No more short cuts... But more organic ingredients from a real kitchen with a real cook who cares.

Now on the other hand since it is Wednesday's show & tell I thought I would share a project I did using polymer clay and a paper clip. I came upon this idea from youtuber who used cold porcelain to make hers. It was very easy to form. The only thing is that it would break if you dropped it on a hard surface. Unless you make the pedals more thicker. Either then that I loved how this gardenia came out. Although I am far away from the pacific but those sweet smells of tropical flowers are ever embedded in my mind.

Last but not least congratulations to Obama for winning the Presidential election for a second term in office. So if it was a victorious win or defeat of yesterday's election. I'm sure we can all agree that our efforts for a better tomorrow is still before us. So join me if you can. please keep us all in pray as so I will every night.

God Bless this country and God Bless our President!!

Live, love, & learn!!

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