Thursday, November 15, 2012

Book binding DIY gone wrong

So I tried a recycle cardboard book binding project. I first seen this on YouTube. There were a few tutorials to choose from but I found sealemon book binding tutorial to be easy to follow and very pleasant to watch.
My book thread was not pulled tight enough and so it came out to loose. On top of that I had to repossession the punctured wholes on the board covers. You can't really see it unless you were looking that close. So instead I decided to place a decorative tape over it. Now that I know where I went wrong I'm going to make a better... (crossing my fingers for the second try)

I thought I could try a dollhouse shape or something. Here is a glimpse of the dollhouse book that I hand made for niece V. What do you think, not bad for the first time making a dollhouse book... (it's meant for easy traveling & stores flat...)

I've been back and forth to the doctors all week so I'm trying to get everything back in "some kind of order!"

God is Good!! Live, love, & learn:0)

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